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This is a whole damn day later than it should have been. For that I apologize, but enjoy it:
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So this morning is going to be packed full of Holiday stuff. I’m going to a play of The Grinch and from there, Xmas Shopping to buy gifts for family. Yes I’m aware I do it late. I don’t believe in hyping up one very over commercialized holiday. I am The Grinch confirmed.

With that being said, writing will be scarce today, which is unfortunate because writing is how I live and breathe. It’s a part of me. The days I don’t do it are the days I’m most creatively frustrated, I’ve found.

But I can’t do everything in one day unfortunately. Apart from grocery shopping tomorrow though I’ll have a full day jam packed full of writing, so look forward to that.
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Been working on this thing all day! Enjoy the second chapter of Renewed:
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Don’t like the Prologue to my newest story, if I’m going to be honest. But here you go. I promise this gets better and it’s not the trainwreck it looks like:
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So I wrote a bit of a battle scene today from my original universe. It was so wonderful to write it in the POV of two characters who are both in the same battle and on the same side, but have differing perspectives of emotion about the entire thing.

Also I’m well aware that the title I put sounds way less dramatic in writing than in my head, but it’s only a snippet of my work.

A bit of background: Seth and Derrick are two of my main characters who eventually develop a romantic relationship. Derrick is an Earth Mage, a Magickal practitioner who does his best Magick when he pulls energy from the Earth. Seth is a Cambion, half human (or Mortal, as humans are called in this universe), and half Demon. The two are both mates, and as such, their Magick is stronger whenever they work together. They’re both on the Los Angeles Supernatural Council, and throughout the series, they’re trying to stop a Spirit Mage by the name of David Renwick from first taking over LA, and then the rest of the world. This snippet takes place during the heat of one such attempt from the Council to intercept and stop David Renwick from continuing his reign, and is told from Derrick and Seth’s differing POVs.

Enjoy it:
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Hey everyone! If you’re into role playing feel free to join my horror RPG. It’s called The Thing In The Hills and it takes place in a small town where creepy af things happen. We also have a dice system which is awesome. Come join us!
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So if you wanna know about me, go check out my bio section and it’ll give you a good feel of who I am. But if you haven’t already done that, then my name is A. I’m a soon to be 22 year old female living in the metro Los Angeles area. Tumblr really did everyone a solid ‘fuck you,’ so I’m saying ‘okay, fuck you too Tumblr,’ by no longer giving them my business after the 17th of Dec. I was never relevant there anyway and used my blog mostly just to lurk on fandom things.

That being said, you might be wondering: What is my blog going to be centered around? Great question. Though the answer is complicated as I have a lot of interests and want to discuss all of them here. So lemme just give you a list instead:

1. Fandom/fanfiction things. I’m into a few fandoms, though I’m very exclusive with what fandoms I’m a part of. Which is another way of saying I’m not into that many fandoms and the ones I am into are ones I’m very loyal to. If you go to my profile you’ll see I left my AO3 username there as well, so feel free to go read my fan fictions. I haven’t been writing as much though, as I’ve been trying to work on my original story privately. So just be aware if incomplete works freak you out. I’m sorry, but I just don’t know when I’ll find the time to update them. I’m extremely into Harry Potter and Shadowhunters at the moment. I’m also a part of the Choices App fandom, which is the best app. Well, besides Town of Salem of course. Anyway, expect lots of things related to these fandoms, and not much else fandom wise. Also, expect ships and such, especially M/M ships. I’m rainbow trash. Fight me bro.

2. Writing tips. As an aspiring writer, and as someone who loves helping people, I always like giving writing advice every now and then. This probably won’t be very often, but expect some tips every once in a blue moon.

3. Snippets or discussion of my own work of fiction, currently a work in progress. My own original work is set in a universe filled with supernatural creatures. Expect a lot of me gushing about the lore. Because I’m obsessed with my own lore. Oops. Force of habit when you write I guess.

4. LGBTQ+ related things. As a panromantic asexual female, it would just feel wrong to not post this kind of content on my own blog. Please note that I heavily support the individuals within this community and I am 100% prepared to defend them or anyone else who seeks a sense of safety and security from my work here. Seriously, just don’t attack anyone here. This is a respectable blogging site, not Tumblr.

5. Mental health related things. I struggle with mental illness on a frequent basis, and I’m not afraid to talk about it candidly. On that note, please respect that this is a very sensitive topic for me to touch on when it happens, and that I refuse to tolerate any cyber bullying or other nonsense for simply posting about my own struggles. Again. If you’d like to be a dick, I will happily refer you to a blogging site that is perfectly fine allowing such garbage: Tumblr. You know. The site full of pornbots, snowflakes, trolls, and other seedy characters. Go do that shit there, not on my blog.

6. NSFW stuff. Sometimes. That being said, I don’t approve of anyone under 18 reading my more mature posts, so those will be age restricted for obvious reasons. No ifs ands or buts about it.

7. Life things and everyday struggles. I like being real with people. As a society, you don’t often find anyone out there in the world encouraging you to be real on a social media platform because ‘oh no your reputation!’ But I prefer honesty over pretending everything is just fine and always interesting and wonderful when that just isn’t real life. If you want someone you can actually relate to, then you’ve come to the right blogger. Thank you for choosing to stick around even in the boring, sad, frustrating, or rage-inducing moments. Be warned, there will be many.

If I haven’t scared you away and if you’ve made it this far, congratulations. You get an internet hug. I hope you continue to stick around and that you enjoy my posts. Though if you don’t, I won’t be offended. There’s someone else out there who probably does.


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